Make your event better.

Be the hero in your office or community.

We can help.

Ambassador Coffee Company is the perfect addition to your:

* Wedding Reception

* Office Function

* Holiday Party

* Church Event

* Private Party

* Campus Event

* Community Service Event

* Indoor/Outdoor Events

Our Prices:

Included in the catering package is all cups, lids, and sweeteners. We can also provide fresh brewed coffee and cold brew coffee for an additional price.

Espresso Catering Prices: $140 per hour (2 hour minimum)

For standard espresso catering service Ambassador can provide up to 35 drinks per hour. However, for larger parties and events Ambassador can provide a second barista at an additional cost. For more information on catering for parties/events over 150 people please fill out the contact form with your specifics and we can send a customized estimate.

Brewed Coffee Add On: $25 per airpot (one airpot provides about 7 cups of coffee)

"Cold Brew" Coffee Add On: $150 Steeped for 24 hours the finished product is a naturally sweet and smooth coffee that has no bitterness. One cold brew add on includes about 4 gallons of coffee (about 50-60 cups).

Ambassador can travel anywhere in the KC metro area for catering services. We use a 6 foot table for our setup, and all that is required from the event space is one standard 3-prong outlet. We will just need 45 minutes before the start of the event to get set up.

We proudly brew beans from Messenger Coffee Company, roasted right here in KC.